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March 13 - April 1, 2018

Neptune’s Scotiabank Stage


by Mary-Colin Chisholm       Directed by Martha Irving

A co-production with Neptune Theatre

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Box Office: 902 429 7070






Don't believe everything you're told

What do you have when you pair a questing folklorist in search of discovery and two spinster sisters with a knack for weaving fact and fantasy into an impossible blend of truth, fiction and gossip? A unique, quirky and hilarious comedy written by Nova Scotia playwright Mary-Colin Chisholm.

When the car of a folklorist breaks down at the foot of Sugar Mary’s driveway, she believes it is destiny that they meet, much to the dismay of her fiercely protective sister Yewina. 

Half-Cracked is making its world premiere on the Scotiabank Stage with Eastern Front Theatre.


A little background

In 2016, Eastern Front supported Mary-Colin Chisholm’s new play with a staged reading slot in the STAGES Theatre Festival. We are delighted to offer the show, as a World Premier, in our 17-18 season.

Mary-Colin’s play is a unique, quirky and hilarious Nova Scotia play – with enough bite and vim to appeal to the ‘theatre crowd’, but more than enough comedy to appeal to first-timers! Strong characters, bizarre plot points and a very tight script made Half-Cracked a natural choice for an EFT Mainstage slot.

Mary-Colin has an extensive and impressive resume as a writer, actor, director and producer (LunaSea Theatre) and it’s important that her plays are produced here and then offered up Nationally.



In the yard of her ramshackle, forgotten farm, Sugar Mary confides in best friend (and chicken) Sheila that she senses imminent change.  When a questing folklorist, Scott, has his car break down right at the foot of her driveway, Sugar sees destiny at work. 

Sugar's sister Yewina, the hunter provider of the spinster duo,  is fiercely protective of Sugar Mary.  Yewina hastens to repair the Volvo and send the stranger on his way.  In the meantime, Sugar piques Scott's interest with a scrambled version of the Beowulf legend that has him thinking he's stumbled on the folkloric discovery of the decade. 

Through shared stories, Sugar and Scott grow closer.  Their relationship blossoms in a Norwegian folk dance that segues to sex atop the chicken house roof.  Their bliss is interrupted by gunshots and the appearance of a mythic Cougar.  A pair of tragic deaths and the revelation of Sugar's story telling sources lead to Scott's bittersweet departure and the unravelling of family secrets.  The sisters are left with old hope in new shells...    



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